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What materials do we use?

We do professional soil testing and we have seed specialists and agronomists available to help select the correct seed for the conditions and timing of your project.  We can also custom mix any seed types you request. We have seeded new residential lawns, commercial lawns, athletic fields, schools, golf courses, environmental remediation sites, churches, highway right-of-ways, airports, flood control berms, stormwater retention ponds, housing developments, Marcellus gas well drilling and hydrofracturing sites, gas and oil pipelines, mine reclamation areas, wetland rehab areas, and wildlife food-plot and conservation areas.  We have also repaired lawns damaged by insects and/or improper lawn chemical use.  The cool moist weather we experience in spring and fall are the best times to seed in the northeast. Summer seeding can be very successful also, but the customer needs to be committed to watering the site.  Any grass that can be grown from seed can be hydroseeded, as well as wildflowers and crown vetch. We also offer several wildlife food plot mixes that provide an excellent food source and habitat for our native wildlife.    


In our hydroseeding mix we use a high quality commercial starter fertilizer.  After hydroseeding we recommend applying no additional fertilizer to the site until after you have mowed the lawn for the first time.  At that time a fertilizer containing ONLY nitrogen is recommended (Scotts 'Turf Builder' works well for this step, but do not use 'Turf Builer with Dandelion Control" as it contains an herbicide that could harm your new grass). Make sure to follow label instructions. Do not use ANY weed herbicides on the new grass for at least 6 months after seeding. We also offer an organic lawn fertilizer program that we recommend for landowners in the townships located within the Chautauqua Lake  or Lake Erie watersheds.   


Tackifiers help hold the hydroseeding material in place on slopes and hillsides especially during rainy weather. We use a commerical tackifier that works well in fighting the effects of erosion.  We also offer straw blowing and the installation of Flexterra FGM and rolled erosion control products for more difficult erosion prone sites. 


We use only organic hydroseeding mulch.  We generally use a mulch made up of 70% wood fiber and 30% paper, however, we also use 100% wood mulch when the conditions require it.  


In addition to hydroseedng, we can also provide high quality screened topsoil and final grading for your site.  
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