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What Is Hydroseeding and Straw Blowing?


    Hydroseeding is a one step application process. Wood and paper hydroseeding mulch, high-quality grass seed, tackifier and commercial grade fertilizer are mechanically mixed into a slurry and then hydraulically sprayed on a prepared soil area.  The process is fast and with proper watering it quickly produces a beautiful lawn (click on our 'Photo Gallery' tab above to check out some examples of hydroseeding). Hillsides, banks and other areas that can be a problem with other seeding methods are much easier to do when hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is safe and non-toxic to kids, pets and the environment.

There are several reasons why hydroseeding makes an excellent choice for any new lawn:
  • The new seed is suspended in a nutrient rich slurry and the contact of the seed with water in the spray machine instantly triggers the germination cycle. 
  • The hydroseeding mulch layer seals in moisture around the seed and holds the soil in place. 
  • The seed is applied at an ideal depth for excellent results.
  • Hydroseeding can be accomplished in one step so it is an efficient use of time, especially on the end of a large building project where time is very valuable. 
  • Hydroseeding is very cost effective, especially when compared to laying sod.  You can save up to 75% by hydroseeding your lawn instead of sodding.


    Chautauqua Hydroseeding is committed to excellence in all of the seeding projects we undertake. Here in the northeast, we often have to accommodate a quickly changing weather forecast and while hydroseeding is an excellent way to promote seed germination and does not blow away in the wind or easily wash away in the rain, sometimes the ground is just too steep or the temperature does not fully cooperate with our seeding needs. To further protect your newly seeded property, Chautauqua  Hydroseeding offers a straw blowing service to create ground cover and protection for your newly hydroseeded property. 

    Straw blowing is used for areas that require added eroson-control and extra protection beyond that of even hydroseeding.  Straw blowing is done by mechanically spreading 100% organic chopped straw over newly hydroseeded areas.  In addition to providing excellent erosion control, straw acts as an insulator and in the erratic spring and fall weather of the northeast, straw cover insulates and keeps the newly seeded area warm when the temperature dips.  In the high heat of summer, straw cover acts as a protective cover material to keep the high temperatures from leeching the moisture out of the soil.  Using a straw blowing machine, we chop, cut and spread straw to create uniform, insulating material designed to protect the area from erosion and offer additional protection against severe weather fluctuations.  
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